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Robert Young has many years of experience helping people with their real estate needs. He has performed thousands of title insurance examinations. Robert Young regularly prepares deeds, mortgages, contracts of sale, and other real estate documents.


A deed is a written instrument used to convey real property to another person or entity. Robert Young regularly prepares warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, and beneficiary deeds. These instruments may convey all of the property or only a partial interest in the real property. They may also contain restrictions or retain a life estate. Common mistakes made by those who do not regularly prepare deeds includes: typographical error in the legal description; incomplete or “bad” legal description; failure to state the marital status of the grantor(s); and name used by the grantor(s) differs from the name the property was deeded to and no explanation was provided.


An easement is the conveyance of a right to use a part of the land. The grantor(s) retains ownership of the land. An easement is commonly granted for road access, utility access, or drainage ditch construction. An easement may be granted to an individual or to the county or city depending on the situation.


A contract of sale is a type of seller financed sale of real property. Think of it like “rent to own.” The seller continues to own the property until it is paid for and then under the contract it is required to deed the property to the buyer. However, the Buyer does obtain an equitable interest in the property requiring the Seller to foreclose on the property if payments are not made, rather than just tearing up the contract. Why would someone do this? The Buyer does it because they do not have the credit to obtain bank financing in most cases. The Seller does it because either the property is hard to sell or the seller is getting top dollar. And sometimes the buyer and seller are related.


Foreclosure is the legal proceeding to have real property transferred from the owner of the property to the lien holder on a property due to nonpayment. If you are a bank or individual who holds a mortgage or contract of sale, Robert Young can help you through this process.


For most people, the real property they own (their house), represents the largest part of their wealth. Robert Young can help you make sure your real property goes to the relative you want to have it and not someone else.

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