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A divorce is uncontested if both husband and wife agree to the terms of the divorce, and sign the necessary paperwork agreeing to those terms. Robert Young can prepare that paperwork for you, file it with the Court, and arrange for your case to appear in front of a Judge to get a Divorce Decree.

The initial paperwork can usually be prepared in 1-2 business days. There is a mandatory 30 day waiting period after filing before a Court date may be scheduled. If the paperwork is signed by both the husband and the wife promptly, the divorce will probably be completed within 45 days.

I charge $325.00 for an uncontested divorce if there are no minor children. I charge $450.00 for an uncontested divorce when there are children between the spouses.  There can be additional fees for deeds, QDRO Orders, etc...

Why do you need to hire an attorney? First, because it will get done. People tend to procrastinate and put things off. You are even more likely to do so when you do not even know where to start. Second, because it will get done right. I have years of experience drafting legal documents and know what needs to be put in there and what shouldn't be and how it should be worded. I know what questions you and your witness need to be asked before a Judge. I also know the procedures that are required to be followed in Arkansas. Third, you don't comprehend the legal effects of what you are agreeing to if you don't know them. I can help you make sure you are agreeing to what you think you are agreeing to. Fourth, because sometimes it will save you money in the long run. It is usually easier and cheaper to do it right from the beginning then it is to try and fix a problem. Fifth, we know what provisions a Judge is likely to approve and likely not to approve. I can explain to you how a situation like yours is normally treated by the Court. Sixth, because someone who represents themselves has a fool for a client. This is an old adage in the legal community. It became that way because there is truth to the saying. We see time and again people who have created a legal mess trying to do something themselves. If there are children, real estate, lots of assets, or joint debts, you definitely should hire an attorney. Most problems involve one of these issues. And finally, I will mention this common joke:

Why do divorces cost so much? Because they are worth it.

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